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Exosomes are natural nano-sized bilayer lipid vesicles, that are released from different cell types for intercellular, inter-species, and interkingdom communications.

Natural exosomes can be categorized into ADEs (animal-derived-exosomes) and PELNs (plant-derived-exosome-like nanoparticles).

Exosomes can deliver a variety of bioactive substances such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and metabolites.

They safely transfer these substances to target cells, enabling participation in various processes such as tissues repair.

Plant-derived exosomes are also considered safer than artificial nanocarriers.

Plant-derived exosomes are becoming effective therapeutic modalities for treating diseases thanks to their phenomenal intrinsic properties and known minimal side-effects.

Advantages of vegetal exosomes: stability, safety and biocompatibility

  • provided by nature
  • phospholipid-rich characteristics
  • natural mechanism of cellular uptake
  • tolerated by the immune system
  • verified high biocompatibility
  • non-toxic

Vegetal exosomes are a better alternative to animal and human-derived exosomes owing to their:

natural sources

excellent safety



Plant-derived exosomes have been extensively applied in the development of novel therapeutic strategies to treat specific diseases or maintain healthy body functions.

Plant-derived exosomes feature the advantages of animal- and human-free health issues.

Dermal penetration

Once exosomes are topically applied to the skin they will easily penetrate via a “lipid-rich channel” coating.

Studies performed on plant-derived exosomes demonstrate that they can increase the dermal penetration efficacy of a lipophilic active ingredient surrogate by approximately 214%, while having a penetration of about 200% more than the controls.

SCT = stratum corneum thickness
APA = amount penetrated AI-surrogate
MPD = mean penetration depth

AI: Active Ingredient
PELNs: Plant Exosome Like Nanoparticles


A revolutionary approach to anti-aging strategies.

A patented technology based on plant-derived exosomes mix.

Increases both extracellular and intracellular collagen levels

Has a strong and natural anti-wrinkle and elasticizing effect

Has a strong antioxidant action

Quantification of the bioactive compounds containedin our exosomes mix is reported in the following table:

What is AUMMP

AUMMP is a mix of exosomes deriving from Italian organic agriculture-derived fruits that contains many bioactive compounds. Our mix contains: Orange (A), Grape (U), Pomegranate (M), Mandarin (M) and Papaya (P).


Bioactive Anti-age Serum

The anti-age serum, thanks to its active ingredients, is the ideal home treatment for maintaining the results achieved with KARISMA Rh Collagen® FACE injection.

The KARISMA Exo Care – Bioactive Anti-Age Serum acts on increasing the proliferation of fibroblasts, in reducing cell duplication time and in reducing oxidative stress, counteracting the overall effects of skin aging.

The main active ingredients of the serum are:

  • Plant-derived exosome mix (from Italian organic agriculture):
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (mixture of three molecular weights)
  • Mix of Biomimetical Peptides
  • Glycerin


Bioactive Cream

The cream is an essential component of the nightly home treatment, enhancing the effects of both the anti-aging serum and the injection treatment with KARISMA Rh Collagen® FACE.

The KARISMA Exo-Care – Bioactive Cream is formulated with a pool of selected active ingredients designed to nourish and protect the skin during the night hours.

The main active ingredients of the cream are:

  • Plant-derived exosome mix (from Italian organic agriculture)
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (mixture of three molecular weights)
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Mix of Biomimetical Peptides
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A


Natural Kernels Scrub System

The KARISMA Exo Care – Natural Kernels Scrub System is the optimal pre-treatment, to be carried out in the evening, before applying the serum and cream that are functionalized with exosomes.

Skin exfoliation occurs on two levels: mechanical thanks to the fruit stone granules, and chemical due to the presence of AHAs absorbed on these granules.

The main active ingredients of the scrub are:

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Mandelic Acid
  • Argan Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Glycerin


Resulting in an overall reduction of the aging effects of the skin.

Significant increased fibroblast proliferation

Increase in extracellular collagen

Increase in intracellular collagen

Reduction of cellular duplication time

Reduction of mitochondrial oxidative stress

Reduction of wound healing time


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